Ozone Systems

Ozone with Hyper-

Dissolved Oxygen

We offer a number of ways to reduce the amount of chlorine and its harmful byproducts in your residential pool. By simply controlling the dose, you can drastically reduce the amount of chlorine in your pool at any given time, while still enjoying a safe, pathogen free swimming environment. 

IPS Controllers are a safe & reliable way to deliver chlorine to your pool in the exact dose needed at any given time, while keeping the pH at optimum levels. It senses the demand and doses small amounts of chlorine or acid to keep your water clear & pristine at all times. We offer these systems as a complete package, installed, with chemical tanks that minimize chemical fumes and odors.

Ozone Systems drastically reduce and can even eliminate the need for chlorine in your pool as you swim. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer available for swimming pool use. Ozone kills most pathogens, even cryptosporidium and e coli on contact. When used as a primary oxidizer with a small amount of chlorine backup, the water approaches drinking water standards for quality. Ozone is a powerful microflocculant, which means it gathers small bits of metals and organic substances into larger particles that can be easily removed by your pool filter. The clarity and purity of ozonated water cannot be matched.

Quite simply, oxygenated water is the healthiest water you will ever swim in. All other processes of treating water quantify the health of the water by what is removed or absent, (pathogens, disinfection by products, etc). This process starts by making ozone with pure oxygen, producing the highest quality and concentration of ozone, then using the patented Aqua Fuzion device to dissolve the gasses into microscopic bubbles, causing the ozone to last longer in the water, and when it recombines as oxygen, it measurably raises the dissolved oxygen content of the water, creating a residual that lasts for hours, even days. The effect of bathing in oxygenated water is similar to hyperbaric oxygen, as it is absorbed into the skin. The water is silky soft and refreshing. Because it maximizes the extreme sanitizing capability of ozone, it can be possible to provide a chlorine free swimming experience.

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