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Entry Level Control:
World Class Water

The entry level SwimChlorineFree system simply reduces the amount of chemicals being added to the water to fully optimize the water quality while maintaining a safe swimming environment.  

This system monitors the water every few minutes and adds a few ounces of chemicals to the water as needed to bring the water back into balance.  This system also monitors and balances the pH of the system.  For the ultimate entry level experience we recommend upgrading to CO2 injection which utilized gas rather than toxic chemicals to balance the pH of the pool.  The SwimChlorineFree CO2 injection system provides the most effective way to keep the pH of the pool or spa fully optimized all the time.

The SwimChlorineFree System:
A Luxury Swimming Experience


Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer available for swimming pool use. Ozone kills most pathogens, even cryptosporidium and e coli on contact.


The SwimChlorineFree system utilizes ozone as the primary oxidizer to proivide the most pristine water quality possible.


Because ozone is such a powerful oxidizer it needs to be monitored and controlled to assure only the right amount of ozone is being introduced into the water.  The SwimChlorineFree system is constantly monitoring the water and dispensing the necessary elements to assure the swimming pool water is constantly maintained in its most pristine state. 


The SwimChlorineFree system utilizes proprietary injection technology which maximizes the ozone's effectiveness in the water.  

The SwimChlorineFree System & AquaFuzion:
The ULTIMATE Swimming Experience Available

Two Companies - One common goal: To provide the ultimate swimming pool experience for the most demanding clients.

For those wanting the ultimate and most technologically advanced swimming experience the addition of PureVision Technologies Aqua-Fuzion system supercharges the SwimChlorineFree system by incorporating PureVision's Ultra-Fine Bubble technology.

Oxygenating pool water delivers healthiest swimming experience available!

The Aqua-Fuzion system injects milions of Ultra-Fine Bubbles which increases the effectiveness of the ozone while also creating an oxygen rich water environment which is unmatched anywhere in the industry.

The effect of bathing in oxygenated water is similar to a hyperbaric oxygen experience, as the O2 is absorbed into the skin. The oxygenated water feels silky soft and refreshing. Because it maximizes the extreme sanitizing capability of ozone, it is possible to provide a virtually chlorine free swimming experience.

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