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Experts In Creating the Purest Water Experience for Residential Swimming Pools


SwimChlorineFree is a bit of a play on words...

At this point in time there are no truly safe "chlorine free" systems which meet all the necessary requirments for healthy swimming pool water.  The SwimChlorineFree system provides an environment which has little to no chlorine present in the water when swimmers are using the pool or spa.  The SwimChlorineFree system automatically monitors the needs of the vessel, and optimizes the water balance throughout the day, to maximize bather comfort and satisfaction, and only adds chlorine in high demand situations, or at night when the pool or spa is not being utilized.


This unique ozone water purification system creates the most pristine swimming experience in the industry.  Our team has spent 30 years testing and refining the SwimChlorineFree system to provide the ultimate swimming experience.

This not a one size fits all system.  All SwimChlorineFree systems are  custom designed for the specific needs of each unique pool or spa.  Every SwimChlorineFree system purchase comes with full access to our world class technical support team.  Our internal team of experts not only know how to troubleshoot the system components, but they also understand how to optimize the operation of the system within a swimming pool environment. 

The SwimChlorineFree system provides a swimming environment that is free of disinfection byproducts, harmful chemicals, and excess salts & minerals. Unlike many "chlorine alternatives" on the market today, SwimChlorineFree pools offer superior water quality that you can feel, and it is measurable. 

Superior Water Clarity And Color​​
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